Version 0.9:

  • Possibility of driving backwards (Finished)

  • About page (Finished)

  • Pause Mode for Screenshots (Finished)

  • Multithreaded loading with caching (Finished)

  • Second addon folder (Finished)

  • Rail Map (Finished)

  • Support of jumping to stations (Finished)

  • New Signals (Finished)

  • Ingame Track-Editor (unstable)

  • Free Camera Look and Zoom (In progress)

  • New Scenario Handler - With Scenario Editor (In progress)

  • PZB Security System (planned)

  • Mouse interaction with Cabin controls (planned)

Next versions:

  • Better but efficient plants

  • Evaluation in the end of scenarios

  • Ingame AddOn Downloader

  • LOD-System for Trains, Buildings and Trees

  • Landscape Editor