August 2021 - Release of Version 0.8

The waiting has an end! Version 0.8 was just released. It took the developers over a half year to develop this version, and we are very proud of it. Have fun!

Significant Changes:

  • Passengers have arrived to Libre TrainSim! There exist

  • Track Wolfsfurt to Buchenhain got expanded to Hainfurt.

  • Libre TrainSim goes mobile! Android version with mobile interface is now available

  • Multi Language Support. For contributing languages, see:

  • Camera Shaking in Cabin View

  • Track Files got much smaller.

  • Loading time was improved a lot

  • Implemented jTools: self written toolset, which makes code cleaner and functionality more stable

  • Soundsystem got rewritten. Much more cleaner and mor modular

  • Added 32 bit Version for Linux

  • Libre TrainSim is now accessible for smaller Displays

  • Trains have now a engine function. Before releasing brakes you have to press e to turn on the engines.

  • Sounds are now played when train drives over switches and curves

  • Rails now have a overheadline

  • Rails can now easily have other types

  • Modular Signal System is now possible

  • Rails have now optional automatic tendency

What comes next?

That’s a good question.. We are waiting first for feedback of 0.8, and then decide, what to develop further on. Some ideas are an ingame editor, more content, key layout settings, jumping between stations, heightmap editing, .... You can follow the newest progress here:
In the meanwhile we will update our Editor Documentation for the new version.

Your Feedback is very important!

Only if we know, what you like, and dislike, we can make Libre-TrainSim a better game. So it would be great to fill in our newest feedback form:

April 2021

Hello all!

Now it is early spring and last weeks the development of Libre TrainSim made some big milestones for version 0.8! The functionality is almost finished, we just need some small adjustments.

  • The editor got updated and revamped at some points. Bedide the Editor a new toolset was created: jTools. The first features are already integrated to Libre TrainSim, which we will expand in the future. jTools makes coding, saving, etc. a lot easier and cleaner.

  • We now have a pathfinding algorithm which could be useful in the future. For now it is only used to load and unload some chunks in the editor. That's great for editing bigger maps, because from now the editor doesn't need the whole map loaded anymore.

  • Also we have got more sounds at our tracks! There are now station announcements possible.

  • In the past we got some issues with Libre TrainSim and small screens. For that our Main Menu got revamped, and some other HUD elements where rearranged. Screens from 800 x 600 pixels shouldn't have any problems anymore.

  • Also there are now persons in Libre TrainSim! For now they are just red big blobs, but some person models will be added for the new version.

  • Let's come to the star of this news: The next Libre TrainSim version will also be available to Android Smartphones! For that we adjusted many HUD elements, and added an ingame HUD for Smartphones (Touch Displays). For now it does work okay, and it makes really fun playing all tracks at the smartphone. For the Android Version Libre TrainSim is more arcade like and doesn't support the advanced mode.

So in conclusion the technical framework for the new version is complete. In the next weeks we will update our content with the features and will build a new (highspeed) track. Also Wolfsfurt Buchenhain will get an expansion.

If you are interested in track building, look here. Then if everything goes well, your track will get into the next version!

See you in the next months, or at our discord.

January 2021

Greetings all!

The development of Libre TrainSim goes further on..

Many features for the version 0.8 are already finished:

  • Multilingual Support! For now Japanese, German, and Italian where added. You want to translate Libre TrainSim in your native language? Just click here.

  • Track files got a lot smaller. Because for example in a forest the transform of every single tree where saved, the file size got over 100 MB. Now the forests (Rail Attachements) only save a seed, with wich the exact tree transformations can be reproduced. Also the Editor now supports unloading all objects. So the .tscn file gets very small, because there arent many objects anymore. So the loading time of the tracks got shorter too.

  • The Editor got automatic tendency for rails. So if you activated this, the curves will be tended automaticly. That saves time and makes tracks more realistic

  • There can be now different trains in a scene. So now it is technically possible, that a freight train drives next to your person train.

  • Also in 0.8 custom rail- and signaltypes are supportet. The rail type can be changed per rail.

  • Now Overheadlines could be generated. The rail searches automaticly for a Rail Attachement called "Poles" and takes these positions for their overheadlines. So that handly is very easy. All existing tracks don't need any rework.

  • The Soundsystem of Libre TrainSim got redeveloped. Sounds at curves, switches, and while breaking where added. Also every wagon now has its own sound. And some sounds itself where recreated.

  • Trains now have a power switch. So after setting the pantograph up with 'b', you have to start the engines with 'e' before releasing the brakes

  • Also the camera got new Views. You can now seat in the passenger area. Thanks to Comick.

Currently we are working at the person system. Persons will be waiting at the platform, find the doors, of the train, and find a seat inside where to sit down. Also they will move out at another station.

Also following features are planned vor 0.8:

  • Mobile Version for Libre TrainSim (Android)

  • Soundsystem for Stations. Then "Next Station..." or "Welcome To ..." Messages will be played automaticly.

  • The Main Menu will get rearragned. Then Libre TrainSim will be available to smaller screen resolutions

  • Some andvaced editor features for editing really big tracks.

A new highspeed track with new highspeed train is planned.
Also Wolfsfurt Buchenhain will get an expansion.

We got a new website design. Now the homepage looks modern and more appealing. Check it out here.

We get very much done for the new version. But I think the next version will be released soonest at late spring/early summer.

Also we search for some content creators! Look here for the possibilities.

Greetings, Jean

November 2020 - Release of 0.7

The waiting has an end! Version 0.7 was just released. It took the developers +100 hours to develop this version, and we are very proud of it. Have fun!

Significant Changes:

  • Trains are now rendered from outside

  • NPC-Trains - You are’nt alone anymore!

  • Tracks rewrited - pitched and tended rails are possible now

  • New Track: U2-Nuremberg

  • New Train: JFR1_Grey

  • Editor for creating content -> can be downloaded at

  • Editor documentation

  • Tutorial videos for track builders (will be published in the next days)

  • Autopilot

  • Different camera views

  • More settings

  • Live track information

  • Improved HUD

  • Music in main menu

  • Train lights

  • Contact Points: Signals can now be changed by trains

  • Intelligent Signals: They automatically find the signal after themselves

  • Block Signals

  • Fixed a ton of bugs

  • many more…

What comes next?

That’s a good question.. We are waiting first for feedback of 0.7, and then decide, what to develop further on. Some ideas are an ingame editor, better sound system, longer tracks, and multi language support. You can follow the newest progress here:

Your Feedback is very important!

Only if we know, what you like, and dislike, we can make Libre-TrainSim a better game. So it would be great to fill in our newest feedback form:

October 2020

Hello all! I hope you had a great summer! So the weather will get colder, and rainy, so I continued the development of Libre TrainSim.

At first we have now an official website. It doesn’t look nice, but is functional enough. So everything now comes together to one site where you can find everything. The domain is:

Since the last post already many joined our Discord-Channel. This is the easiest way to get in contact with other community members. So if you didn’t join already, its highly recommended! -> Join

So let’s come to Libre TrainSim specific things:

In the last days I finished a complete new track: U2-Nuremberg. It is the first metro track, and has 8 stations. It will come with version 0.7.

Also today I finished the Documentation for making tracks in Libre TrainSim - Because that will be one of a great new feature in 0.7! You can’t actually create one, but have a look to it: Click me

Also I improved many editor features, and made it more stable. Some small bugfixes where also made.

So when comes the next version?

  • Currently I can’t give you a specific date, but there aren’t so much things anymore implementing to 0.7:

  • Improving HUD: Adding more Information

  • Adding Key-Map Settings

  • Adding Main-Menu Music

  • Fixing some small editor-bugs

You can follow the actual progress here.

In the end I want to thank some youtubers, who did a video about libre trainsim. It makes me proud, that so many people like this project, and are following it. Also thank you for 30 stars!

Best whishes Jean

May 2020

Greetings to all!

It’s over a month ago you got a last update of the development progress. Lets get an update!

The progress for the new version 0.7 is almost done, there are just some small things which need to be done technically. At the moment I am writing a documentation for the Editor. About 60% of the documentation is done. Almost all articles where written, but some of them need some polishing. New Discord Channel:

  • There now exists a Discord Channel for the Libre TrainSim community. It would be great to welcome you there!

Let us see what has been done so far since the version 0.6:

  • Rails with slope and tendency: Rails can now change their height, and can tend itself:

  • Outer View of Trains: You can now see the train from the outside. Animation of doors and of the pantograph where added too:

  • Autopilot: From now on you don’t have to drive the train yourself. You could press Ctrl + A, sit back, and watch the train driving itself.

  • NPC Trains: You are not anymore alone!

  • Intelligent Signals: Signals can now be activated by driving over, and recognize under the hood the signal after them. That makes it a lot easier for track creators.

  • Shadows, better materials, and lights: From now on the materials of the objects look a bit more realistic. Also lights of the train and shadows of the sun where added:

  • New Metro Track (WIP): Parallel to the writing at the documentation I create a new track: An metro track with 7 stations. Here’s a teaser:

Also some smaller things where fixed and got improved. But for now that was enough.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully we will see us all in the next version!

April 2020 - Release of 0.6

I am happy to release version 0.6.

There are many improvements:

  • The right screen displays a timetable now

  • Stations are announced 1000 m before

  • New Security-System: SiFa

  • New Tutorial Pack which teaches the players how to drive

  • Selectable Easy Mode, for players, who just want to have fun at driving

  • Alternative Control System with separate brake roll and acceleration roll

  • More Scenarios per Track

  • Main Menu with Feedback Button

  • per Scenario you could select different trains

  • Added Horn to train, simply pree 'h' for testing ;)

  • Added many help messages, if the train driver doesn't know how to do further on

  • Changing a lot under the hood, that makes ai trains for the next version available

  • Fixing many bugs

  • Added some more Editor Tools (Editor not released yet. It's planned with the next big version.

  • For more details see:

March 2020 - Release of 0.5

This is the first Demo of Libre Train Sim.

This release is an alpha version of the game. Some features are missing, and some functions could contain bugs.

Have Fun!