Libre TrainSim

The Train Simulator for everyone


Libre TrainSim is an open source project, which creates a complete new, fully free Train Simulator written in Godot Engine, which is released under GPL 3.0

For now its a project of a single german computer science student, who is programming this Simulator in his free time.

That's Libre TrainSim

Free - For everyone

Libre TrainSim is created by volunteers, who have fun at programming and like trains. The project is hosted on GitHub.

Play on Linux/Windows/Mac/Android

It doesn't matter, wich OS you are running. For Libre TrainSim that's equal..

The Android version has fewer features and lower graphics.

Easy Start

With small tutorials you know all the important things how to drive a train, and what you need to pay attention for. If you don't want to drive at all, there's even an autopilot.

If you want it harder, you can disable the Easy-Mode and have to handle more complicated train systems.

Create Additional Content

You want to create a new track, or train? It exist's a wiki and a YouTube-Playlist, which teaches you how to do that quite easy with many tools, which simplify the process. Click here for more Information.